Wynn Macau Management to Take Salary Cut for Shares

Wynn Macau Looks for Alternatives to Attract Customers Sourced by Junkets

Wynn Macau Management to Take Salary Cut for Shares

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The majority of Wynn Macau management team members have agreed to a salary reductionThey will receive shares of equivalent value instead Wynn Macau seeks to weather regulatory transformations and incentivize its teams

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Macau is in a state of flux with lawmakers undertaking the most serious industry review to date. Because of that, companies have had to act preemptively and anticipate changes in regulation, altering their business models in some instances, and coming up with coping mechanisms in others.

Wynn Macau Creates New Way of Remuneration

From reducing satellite casinos to cutting ties with junket operators, Macau’s concessionaires have been keen on remaining on the authorities’ good side. A preemptive move in this regard is the decision by Wynn Macau Ltd management to take a major cut in their salaries. On Tuesday, the company revealed that the majority of management team members have decided to reduce their salaries and take shares of equal value in the company instead.

This is important as it signals management’s confidence in the future of Wynn Macau as part of the special administrative region’s gambling and tourism ecosystem. This is an interesting decision and treads a fine line as Macau Labor Affairs Bureau currently prohibits employees or management teams to be paid entirely in shares.

However, an exemption from the rule is to offer both cash payments as well as a non-monetary form of payment, which is cleared under the current gambling laws in the country. A total of 90% of the management team have agreed to the new arrangement, swapping out some cash payments for stock in the company. The idea of granting stock to management is used as an incentive to deliver greater results while making people more involved in the company as well.

Wynn Macau Clear on the Laws and Regulations

Wynn Macau Ltd is aware of the current regulatory climate and how the Labor Affairs Bureau treats the substitute of cash payments for stock, so the company has remained in communication with the relevant regulator. However, it all seems to be cleared and Wynn Macau is adjusting its payment options to create a more resilient enterprise-ready to weather regulatory and geopolitical challenges.

Author: Ian Douglas