Women Adopt Sports Betting Apps Quicker Than Men

Women Adopt Sports Betting Apps Quicker Than Men

With the liberalization of the sports gambling market in the United States, stereotypes are being dismantled just as well. A new study argues that women are just as likely to bet on sports as men, and they are in fact the consumer group that is the most interested in downloading sports betting apps. Women tend to download such apps with higher frequency than men, the Global Wireless Solutions survey reveals.

Betting Apps Drive Female Consumer Participation in Gambling

The consulting firm argues that its data indicates that over 4.6 million female users joined sports betting apps in 2021 alone. This constituted a 115% growth year-over-year. Male consumers are still 250% more than female consumers using apps, but comparing growth over the period, male users grew by only 63%, based on the data provided by the company.

In other words, the 30 states and Washington, DC are now welcoming a new breed of sports bettors where raw machismo just won’t cut it. There are more states coming as well, and many, such as Ohio, Nebraska, and Florida have passed legislation that is now waiting to be enacted. Some do not provide mobile betting which could be stopping female consumers from joining in.

GWS offered further insight into what brands tend to strike better messages with female consumers, naming FanDuel as the top one for female users. FanDuel attracted some 1.7 million new female consumers in 2021, compared to 900,000 for DraftKings. Both companies have been vying neck-and-neck for fresh consumer numbers, and appealing to female sports bettors could be just what gives one or the other the much sought competitive advantage.

Rush Street Interactive’s SugarHouse is another great option for female consumers with some 600,000 new signups in 2021. In comparative terms, SugarHouse only signed up 380,000 men consumers in the same period. Effectively, this means that the brand has managed to tap into female sports betting consumers in New Jersey like no other brand.

Reacting to Gambling Losses and Winning on Bets

GWS went even further with its assessment of the US sports betting landscape and interviewed 663 gamblers from across the country. Some 29% confirmed that they managed to win money betting through apps. Another 29% argue that they have won more than they lost.

Another big percentage tends to double down on their losses by betting more after losses. That’s some 17% of the gamblers. GWS also took a look at some of the most reactions to losses, such as getting drunk or swearing. GWS also found out that the top 20% of mobile users continue to be drivers of as much as 83% of the total sports betting apps usage out there, and possibly a proportionate amount of the betting handle.

Author: Ian Douglas