SIS Looks to Expand Its US Market Presence With Two New Appointments

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Sports Information Services (SIS) has announced two new appointments the live betting provider gives Sean Beirne and Brenda Strickland senior roles. Beirne and Strickland will help the US subsidiary continue its growth in the country. The news comes shortly after the company announced new appointments to support its global expansion. 

The Roles of Beirne and Strickland, Explained

Beirne has over 30 years of working experience within the horse racing industry. He is well-familiar with racetrack operations, management, education, and regulation. Most recently, he was the Louisville Business School’s director of the equine industry program. 

He also worked as a Colorado State Racing Commissioner, where he was the chair for two years and vice-chair for three years. With his new appointment at SIS as a US commercial manager, he will be in charge of building sustainable relationships with US sportsbooks and selling the company’s live betting content. 

Additionally, he will be tasked with navigating through regulations to allow the safe distribution of SIS products and support the efforts of the US division in distributing horse racing content. 

On the other hand, Strickland has massive experience in operations, compliance, and legal functions in regulated markets. Before joining SIS, she spent 9 years working for Sportech as a senior paralegal and contract manager. 

Her new appointment as a regulatory and business affairs manager at SIS will bring a wave of new responsibilities. Strickland will be in charge of administering and maintaining numerous functions in the US division, including licensing, reporting, and compliance. Her biggest responsibility will be managing internal corporate policies and compliance in various regulated markets. 

SIS Content Services Executives Greeted the New Appointments

The CEO of SIS and president of SIS Content Services, Richard Ames, noted that the US market has tons of potential due to the rapid developments when it comes to regulating online betting. Ames added that the two new appointments will strengthen the company and further drive its US market presence. 

He ended by saying that both Strickland and Beirne have a lot of knowledge and expertise and their input will benefit both SIS Content Services and its US partners. 

Michele Fischer, the vice president of SIS Content Services, also shared her thoughts on the appointments. She stated that the company is convinced that the US will experience a major expansion, especially when it comes to horse racing and esports betting. That is why SIS Content Services is looking to capitalize on the trends and that is exactly what the two promotions present. 

Fischer ended by saying that she has worked with Strickland and Beirne and that her experience with the two leads her to believe that they will make an “immediate impact within the SIS team.”

Author: Ian Douglas