OneComply’s Platform Strengthened by WhistleBlower’s Alerts

OneComply’s Latest Financing Round Will Help it Enhance Its Solutions

Compliance specialist OneComply announced its 360° compliance platform has been fully integrated with WhistleBlower Security’s solution to allow access to WhistleBlower’s ethics reporting alerts from within OneComply’s platform.

The API integration of OneComply’s 360° compliance platform with WhistleBlower’s alerts signaling fraud or other misconduct that may potentially lead to an internal or external compliance issue brings the alerts to the OneComply Licence Control dashboard, alongside a customizable remediation process and alert-related compliance workflow.

Comparing the OneComply platform as the “nerve center” for compliance issues any company from the gaming industry needs to monitor and respond to stay compliant with the regulatory requirements in the jurisdictions it operates, OneComply’s chief executive officer Cameron Conn outlined the integration with WhistleBlower would make visible any ethics reporting alerts generated by WhistleBlower’s solution and automatically kick off workflows “so that nothing falls through the cracks.”

“This integration also preserves the anonymity of the reporter and restricts access to confidential information,” Conn added.

A global provider of ethics hotlines and reporting services across a range of industries, WhistleBlower Security utilizes an intuitive, multilingual and easy-to-use platform to help employers, clients and suppliers to safely and securely report ethics- and compliance-related issues.

‘Confidential and Trustworthy Ethics Reporting Solution’

WhistleBlower Security’s president Shannon Walker also commented on the news, highlighting the importance of “providing staff and stakeholders with a confidential and trustworthy ethics reporting solution” under the company’s compliance program.

“By integrating our alerts with the OneComply compliance platform, we help to streamline the process and ensure that all reports are not only visible in OneComply but that actions are assigned, tracked and resolved,” Walker concluded.

In some cases, WhistleBlower’s reports need to be vetted by HR and may not bring an immediate impact on the company’s compliance but the investigative stage of the process may require filing a report with the gaming regulatory body if there is suspicion of fraud, non-compliant activity or any other issue which may become a reason for the company to face legal action.

The automatic triggering of a compliance alert-related workflow via the integration with OneComply’s platform guarantees all stakeholders across compliance, HR, legal, and operations will be aware of the report and involved in the subsequent actions.

The solution provided by WhistleBlower Security is the latest integration with OneComply’s platform following shortly after the extra functionalities added to the platform through the integration with PrintScan.

Author: Ian Douglas