DSWV Announces Three More Partner Companies

DSWV Announces Three More Partner Companies

DeutscherSportwettenverband (DSWV), the German betting trade association, has officially announced its first three payment and compliance partners. TrueLayer, Dimoco and Kerberos will help the German sports betting industry maintain its standards and elevate safety to a whole new level.

The Three Partners Serve Important Causes That Will Benefit Players

DSWV has been pretty vocal about the security of the gambling industry in Germany. Recently, it called the government to act more rigorously against illegal sites and it plans to do its job with the three newly appointed partners.

As a global open banking company, TrueLayer offers companies safe financial data access and real-time payments to players. Sebastian Tiesler, the Germany country manager of TrueLayer, stated that the company provides sports betting operators with intelligent financial solutions.

He also added that the DSWV mirrors the regulated sports betting market in Germany and is “the central contact” for TrueLayer.

Kerberos specializes in AML rules and makes sure that companies are compliant in this sector. It provides sports betting and gambling companies with the necessary tools to stay in touch with the regulations concerning money laundering.

Christian Tsambikakis, Kerberos’ managing director, spoke on the development and said that DSWV and its partners, Kerberos included, support the sports betting market that “always meets compliance requirements.”

He added that Kerberos provides the right tools and together with all partners, it can make the gambling market in Germany far safer. Tsambikakis even mentioned innovating the regulative framework.

Dimoco has massive expertise in mobile payments and carrier billing. This company is a licensed payment institute through which merchants can accept payments for both non-digital and digital services in EEA and worldwide.

Bettina Sommer, the director of sales at Dimoco, stated that the DSWV partnership takes the company to a whole new level. She also added that Dimoco will provide sports betting providers with great value as providers will be able to benefit from its secure and “wide-ranging payment method.”

DSWV’s President Sees the Three Companies as a Perfect Fit

While speaking on appointing TruLayer, Dimoco, and Kerberos as the new partners, Mathias Dahms, the president of DSWV stated that the three companies have an excellent reputation and will add true value to the sports betting industry. That is why they are a perfect fit for DSWV’s partner program.

The partner program by DSWV was opened in January and the first four companies that joined it were Aircash (payment provider), Sportradar (data provider), Crif (risk identity services), and Okto (fintech business).

Dahms noted that all four companies are “highly innovative” and technology-driven. He also added that the close partnership between all parties will “improve the transfer of knowledge” and hence, they will be able to stand for common interests.

Author: Ian Douglas