Camelot Reports High Customer Satisfaction with Lottery Products

Camelot Reports High Customer Satisfaction with Lottery Products

Camelot may have lost the bid to continue operating the UK National Lottery but it has certainly won the hearts of consumers according to a new survey. Retailer satisfaction has reached 75% with the lottery for the most recent fiscal year, effectively indicating that consumers have been happy with the product and service they have been receiving. This comes at an important time for Camelot, which lost a bid to run the lottery business for a renewed stint to Allwyn Entertainment.

Camelot Customers Increasingly Happy with the Operator

The decision by the UK Gambling Commission was not accepted amicably by the operator, though, which is launching a legal challenge to the decision. Over the past 28 years, the company has been the exclusive lottery operator since the lottery was introduced back in 1994. During this time, Camelot argued that over 95% of the consumers that used its products were either satisfied or very satisfied in its surveys. Camelot head of retail Jenny Blogg said:

Our 44,000 retail partners play an absolutely vital role as the face of The National Lottery for players in communities across the UK. So, it’s amazing to see all of the initiatives we’ve introduced in recent years to make things better for our retail partners are paying off. It’s particularly impressive in light of the ongoing challenging conditions retailers are experiencing.

Camelot head of retail Jenny Blogg

Camelot makes no specific mention of the current situation with Allwyn Entertainment, but rather wants to take the data on its own merit and perhaps use it later if it achieves some success in questioning the attribution of a license to its competitor. Camelot compared the present results with what was achieved in 2017 when another comprehensive assessment of the company’s operations was wrapped up.

Sustained Investment in Lottery Employees

Since 2017, Camelot has invested a total of £20 million to improve customer engagement, amounting to roughly $25.3 million. Blogg was confident that partners were happy with the Camelot way of running the National Lottery, resulting in stronger sales and better engagement. Camelot reminded of its National Lottery Retailer Hub which provides professional training to employees and is seen as a force for good in the industry.

However, as things stand, Camelot will have to wind down its operations and pass the reins over to Allwyn Entertainment in 2024. The incumbent is looking to challenge the awarding process in court, but an attempt to fast-track its lawsuit against the UK Gambling Commission has fallen short so far.

Author: Ian Douglas